Rocket pioniers, engineers & scientists (alphabetical)

Abbott, Ira H. (1906-)
Albertus, Magnus (1193-1280)
Ames, Milton B. (1913-)

Bacon, Roger (1214-1292)
Bernal, J. D. (James Desmond) (1901-1971)
Bickerton, Alexander William (1842-1929)
Biringuccio, Vannoccio (1480-1537)
Blagonravov, Anatoli A. (1895-1975): USSR - Helped to launch Sputnik and worked to establish cooperation in space between the USA and USSR.
Bond, Alan (1944-)
Bossart, Karel J. (1904-1975): Belgium/USA - The Father of the Atlas rocket.
Brouwer, Dirk (1902-1966): USA - A leader in the field of celestial mechanics.
Buckley, Edmond C. (1904-1977)
Bull, Gerald Vincent (1928-1990)

Chelomei, Vladimir Nikolaevich (1914-1984)
Chertok, Boris (1912-2011):Russia - rocket scientist & engineer
Clarke, Arthur (1917-2008): UK - Introduced geosynchronous orbits for satellites, noted science fiction writer.
Clauser, Francis H. (1913-)
Cleator, P(hilip) E(llaby) (1908-1994)
Colombo, Guiseppe "Bepi" (1920-1984)
Congreve, William (1772-1828): UK - Introduced rockets to Europe after centuries of neglect.
Crocco, Gaetano Arturo (1877-1968): Italy - Founder of the Italian Rocket Society and leading space scientist.

Damblanc, Louis (1889-1969): France - Built and launched the first modern multi-staged rockets.
Dannenberg, Konrad (1912- )
De Laval, Gustav (1845-1913)
Debus, Kurt H. (1908-1983)
DeFrance, Smith J. (1896-1985)
Denisse, Amédée (?) Franch - Illustrator, photographe, pyrotechnician and inventor
Dittmer, Edward C. (1918-): USA - Trained HAM and Enos, the first chimpanzees in space
Dornberger, Walter (1895-1980)
Douglas, William K. (1922-1998): USA - Personal physician for the Project Mercury astronauts.
Draper, Charles Stark (1901-1987): USA - The Father of inertial guidance.
Dryden, Hugh Latimer (1898-1965): USA - Helped establish NASA and served as its Deputy Administrator.
Dunn, Louis G. (1908-1979)
Durant III, Frederick Clark (1916-)
Dyson, Freeman John (1923-)

Ehricke, Krafft Arnold (1917-1984)
Esnault-Pelterie, Robert (1881-1957): France - Aviation and rocketry pioneer.

Faget, Maxime A. (1921-2004): USA - Designed American manned spacecraft from Project Mercury to the Space Shuttle.
Feoktistov, Konstantin Petrovich (1926-): USSR
Finger, Harold B. (1924-)
Fletcher, James (1919-1991): USA - The only man to head NASA twice.
Forward, Robert L(ull) (1932-2002)
Fuhs, Allen (1927-): USA - Developed the Space Science Group at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Galilei, Galileo (1564-1642): Italy - The Father of modern science; expanded man's understanding of the Universe.
Ganswindt, Hermann (1856-1934): Germany - Envisioned the first rocket-powered manned space ship and proposed time as a fourth dimension.
Gilruth, Robert (1913-2000): USA - First Director of the Manned Spacecraft Center, now the Johnson Space Center.
Glushko, Valentin Petrovitch (1908-1989)
Goddard, Robert Hutchings (1882-1945): USA - The Father of Modern Rocketry; launched the world's first liquid-fueled rocket.
Godwin, Francis (1562-1633) UK, writer of the book "The Man in the Moon"
Goldin, Daniel (1940-): USA - As an agent of change, reformed and revitalized America's Space Agency.

Haas, Conrad (c.1509-1579)
Hale, William (1797-1870): UK - The inventor of the rotary rocket.
Henry, James (1914-1996): USA - Developed the first partial pressure flight suit.
Hohmann, Walter (1880-1945): Germany - Published influential works on orbits, trajectories, and space ships.
Hunsaker, Jerome C. (1886-1984)

Isayev, Alexei M. (1908-1971): USSR - Rocket engine designer, helped plan and manage the Soviet Space Program.

Jaenke, Martin (1911-2001): USA - A pioneer in inertial rocket systems and analog computers.
Jastrow, Robert (1925-)
Johnson, Clarence L. (Kelly) (1910-1990)

Kaplan, Joseph (1902-1991)
Keldysh, Mstislav Vsevolodovich (1911-1978)
Kelly, Thomas (1930-2002)
Kepler, Jehannes (1571-1630): Germany - Proved the Earth and other planets move according to fixed laws.
Kibalchich, Nikolai Ivanovitch (1854-1881): USSR - Conceived the first design of a manned rocket airplane.
Kittinger, Joseph W. (1928-): USA - Flew the first Manhigh mission; made a record free-fall in Project Excelsior.
Korolev, Sergei Pavlovich (1907-1966): USSR - The Chief Designer of the Soviet Space Program.
Kraft, Christopher (1924-): USA - Directed the Manned Spacecraft Center (now the Johnson Space Center) for ten years.
Kurzweg, Hermann H. (1908-)

Lederer, Jerome (1902-2004): USA - A pioneer in improving airplane and spacecraft safety.
Le Prieur, Yves Paul Gaston (1885-1963)
Ley, Willy (1906-1969): Germany/USA - Outstanding science writer and co-founder of German Rocket Society.
Lovelace II, William R. (1907-1965): USA - Experimented on the problems of high altitude escape and parachuting.
Lundin, Bruce T. (1919-)

Malina, Frank J. (1912-1981): USA - Headed development of the WAC Corporal; co-founded the Jet Propulsion Lab.
Maul, Alfred (1864-1941)
Messerschmitt, Wilhelm (1898-1978)
Mishin, Vasily (1917-)
Mohr, Erst (1910-1989)
Murray, Bruce C. (1932-)

Nedelin (--)
Newell, Homer E. (1915-1983)
Newton, Sir Isaac (1642-1727): UK - Identified the fundamental laws of optics, motion, and gravitation.
Noordung, Herman (1892-1929)

Oberth, Hermann Julius (1894-1989): Romania/Germany/USA - The Father of Space Travel, he published visionary books on man's future in space.
Ocenasek, Ludvik (1872-1949): Czechoslovakia - Czech rocket and aircraft pioneer.
O'Neill, Gerard Kitchen (1927-1992)
Ordway, Frederick Ira III (1927-)

Paulet, Pedro E. (1874-1945)
Petrov, Boris N. (1913-1980)
Pierce, John R. (1910-2002)
Pobedonostsev, Yuri A.

Ramo, Simon (1913-)
Rauschenbach, Boris Viktovich (1915-2001)
Rees, Eberhard F. M. (1909-1998)
Riedel, Klaus (1901-1944): Germany - Pioneering Rocket Engineer.
Rosen, Milton W. (1915-)
Ross, H(arry) E.
Rothrock, Addison M. (1903-1971)
Rudolph, Arthur L. (1906-1996)
Rutan, Elbert L. "Burt" (1943-)
Rynin, Nikolai Alexsevitch (1887-1942)

Sagan, Carl Edward (1934-1996): USA - Played a leading role in the U.S. Space Program and helped popularize the science of astronomy.
Sagdeyev, Roald Z. (1932-)
Sander, Friedrich Wilhelm (d. 1938)
Sänger, Eugen (1905-1964): Austria/Germany - Visionary physicist in the field of rocket propulsion.
Sarabhai, Vikram Ambalal (1919-1971): India - The Father of India's space program.
Schmidlap, Johann (16th century)
Schmiedl, Friedrich (1902-1994)
Schriever, Bernard A. (1910-2005): USA - The Architect of the United States Air Force space and missile programs.
Schumacher, Andreas (1872-1823): Denmark - Founded the Danish Rocket Corps, the first rocket unit on European Continent.
Shesta, John
Shoemaker, Eugene (1928-1997): USA - pioneer in the exploration of the Solar System
Silverstein, Abe (1908-2001)
Singer, Samuel Frederick (1924-)
Stack, John (1906-1972)
Steinhoff, Ernst (1908-1987): Germany/USA - Pioneered rocket guidance systems.
Stewart, Homer J. (1915-)
Stuhlinger, Ernst (1913-)
Syromiatnikov, Vladimir S. (1934-)

Thiel, Walter (1910-1943): Germany - Primary designer of the V-2 rocket engine.
Tikhonravov, Mikhail K. (1900-1974): USSR - Chief theoretician of the Soviet space program.
Tiling, Reinhold (1890-1933)
Truax, Robert C.
Tsander, Fridrikh Arturovitch (1887-1933): USSR - Constructed and tested the first liquid propellant rocket motor in the Soviet Union.
Tsien, Hsue-Shen (1909-)
Tsiolkovskii, Konstantin Eduardovich (1857-1935): USSR - The Father of Astronautics and Rocket Dynamics.
Tupolev, Andrei (1888-1972)

Ulinski, Franz Abdon (1890-1974)
Unge, Wilhelm (1845-1915): Sweden - Inventor of solid propellant fuels.

Valier, Max (1893-1930): Italy - Applied rockets to automobiles and sleds.
Van Allen, James Alfred (1914-): USA - Devised experiments for Explorer I, the first American satellite.
Von Braun, Wernher (1912-1977): Germany/USA - Developed the V-2, Redstone, and Saturn rockets.
Von Hoefft, Franz (1882-1954): Austria - Co-founded Austria's Scientific Society for High Altitude Research, Europe's first space-related group.
Von Kármán, Theodore (1881-1963): Hungary/USA - The Father of Supersonic Flight, he made fundamental contributions to the theory and practice of aerodynamics.
Von Opel, Fritz (1899-1971)
Von Pirquet, Guido (1880-1966): Austria - Identified the most efficient trajectories for inter-planetary travel.

Walter, Hellmuth
Webb, James (1906-1992): USA - NASA Administrator from 1961 to 1968; helped lay the groundwork for Apollo 11.
Wexler, Harry (1911-1962)
Whipple, Fred Lawrence (1906-2004): USA - Established the first optical tracking system for satellites, proposed the 'dirty snowball' theory of comet formation.
Whittle, Frank (1907-1996)
Winkler, Johannes (1887-1947): Germany - Built the first liquid propellant rocket in Europe.
Wyld, James (1913-1953): USA - Invented the regeneratively cooled rocket engine.

Yangel, Mikhall (1911-1971)

Zwicky, Fritz (1898-1974): Switzerland/USA: Pioneering astrophysicist, first to identify supernovas, neutron stars, cosmic rays and 'dark matter.'

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