Manned Flight nº: 123

Earth orbit Flight nº: 120

USA manned Flight nº: 58

Launch, orbit & landing data:

Designation 19670 / 88106A
Launch date - time 02 Dec 1988 - 14:30:34 UT
Launch site KSC, LC39B
Launch vehicle  Space Shuttle
Orbiter Atlantis OV-104 (#3)
Primary payload Lacrosse 1
Mass (kg) 
Flight Crew Gibson, Gardner, Mullane
Ross, Shepherd
Call Sign 
Earth orbit on :
   - Perigee / Apogee  km
   - Inclination 57.0°
   - Period  min
Landing date - time 06 Dec 1988 - 23:36:11 UT
Landing location Edwards AFB, Runway 17
Flight Duration (d:hr:min) 4d 09h 05m
Nbr orbits 68


Nr. Surname Given name Job Duration
1  Gibson  Robert Lee "Hoot"  CDR 4d 09h 05m 
2  Gardner  Guy Spence  PLT 4d 09h 05m 
3  Mullane  Richard Michael  MSP 4d 09h 05m 
4  Ross  Jerry Lynn  MSP 4d 09h 05m 
5  Shepherd  William McMichael  MSP 4d 09h 05m 

Mission details:

Launch from Cape Canaveral (KSC); landing on Edwards AFB; third mission dedicated to Department of Defense; deploying of reconnaissance satellite Lacrosse (USA-34); unofficial was reported, that the satellite failed after deployment; Atlantis re-rendezvoused and the crew repaired the payload; that would imply an EVA by Ross and/or Shepherd; Lacrosse was succesfull after that.

Payload: Atlantis F03 / Lacrosse 1. Perigee: 437 km. Apogee: 447 km. Inclination: 57.0 deg. Period: 93.4 min.
STS-27 STS-27 - STS-27 Atlantis, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 104, liftoff - Credit: NASA.

Manned five crew. Deployed a classified payload. Orbits of Earth: 68. Landed at: Runway 17 dry lake bed at Edwards Air Force Base, . Landing Speed: 359 kph. Touchdown miss distance: 447.00 m. Landing Rollout: 2,171.00 m. Payloads: DoD Mission.

STS-27 STS-27 - STS-27 Atlantis, OV-104, crewmembers repair 3/4 inch video reel on middeck - Credit: NASA.

NASA Official Mission Narrative

Mission Name: STS-27 (27)
Atlantis (3)
Pad 39-B (8)
27th Shuttle mission
3rd Flight OV-104

Robert L. Gibson (3), Commander
Guy S. Gardner (1), Pilot
Richard M. Mullane (2), Mission Specialist 1
Jerry L. Ross (2), Mission Specialist 2
William M. Shepherd (1), Mission Specialist 3

STS-27 STS-27 - STS-27 crewmembers perform balancing act on middeck - Credit: NASA.

OPF - March 20, 1987
VAB - Oct. 22, 1988
PAD - Nov. 2, 1988

Mission Objectives:

December 2, 1988, 9:30:34 a.m. EST. Launch set for Dec. 1 during classified window lying within launch period between 6:32 a.m. and 9:32 a.m., postponed due to unacceptable cloud cover and wind conditions and reset for same launch period on Dec. 2. Launch Weight: Classified.
Altitude: Classified
Inclination: 57.0 degrees
Orbits: 68
Duration: 4 days, 9 hours, 5 minutes, 37 seconds.
Distance: 1,820,000 miles

STS-27 STS-27 - STS-27 crewmembers surrounded by net stowage bags on middeck - Credit: NASA.

SRB: BI-030
SRM: 360L002
ET : 23/LWT-16
MLP : 1
SSME-1: SN-2017
SSME-2: SN-2030
SSME-3: SN-2029

December 6, 1988, 3:36:11 p.m. PST, Runway 17, Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. Rollout distance: 7,123 feet. Rollout time: 43 seconds. Orbiter returned to KSC Dec. 13, 1988. Landing Weight: 190,956 lbs.

Mission Highlights:
Third mission dedicated to Department of Defense.

Astrophilately covers:


Launch cancel KSC and landing cancel Edwards AFB.

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