Valeri Fyodorovich


International order nº: 9

Russian cosm. nº: 5

Personal data:

Birthdate:  02 Aug 1934
Birthplace:  Pavlowski Possad / Moscow Oblast / RUSSIA
Marital status:  married
Children:  two
Selection date:  07 March 1960
Selection group:  
Job:  Pilot
Status:  Ret. 26 Jan 1982
Bykovsky Valeri


Launch Spacecraft Date and time
of launch
Status while
of landing
Date and time
of landing
1 Vostok-5 14 Jun 1963
11:58 UT
Plt Vostok-5 19 Jun 1963
11:06 UT
4d 23h 07m
2 Soyuz-22 15 Sep 1976
09:48:30 UT
Cdr Soyuz-22 23 Sep 1976
07:40:47 UT
7d 21h 52m 17s
3 Soyuz-31 26 Aug 1978
14:51:30 UT
Soyuz-29 03 Sep 1978
11:40:34 UT
7d 20h 49m 04s
Total duration: 20d 17h 48m 22s

Backup assignments:

No. Mission Description
1  Vostok 3  Plt backup
2  Soyuz 2A (Cancelled)  Soyuz 2A was planned to dock with Soyuz 1 and two cosmonauts would have spacewalked from Soyuz 2A to Soyuz 1. Problems with Soyuz 1 lead to an early landing. Parachute problems lead to Soyuz 1 to crash, killing its pilot. Soyuz 2A was inspected after the crash and was discovered to have the same flaw in its parachute system.
3  Soyuz 7K-L1 Flight 2  Planned second Soviet circumlunar space flight. Cancelled after the success of Apollo 8 orbiting the Moon, and problems with the L1 launcher.
4  Soyuz 37  EP-08 backup

Additional information

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