Ranger 7


Launch data:

Designation 00842 / 64041A
Launch date 28 Jul 1964 - 16:05 UT (16:50:07 UT?)
Launch site CC, LC12
Launch vehicle Atlas-LV3 Agena-B (#250D/AA9)
Mission Lunar impact
Payload code  Ranger-B (P-54)
Maximum distance
from Earth 400.000 km
All-burnt velocity 10,98 km/sec
Lunar impact 31 Jul 1964 - 13:25:49 UT

Successful image return. Hit Moon 31 Jul 1964 at 13h 25m 49s (UT)
Impact: 10,7 S - 20,7 W


Prime contractor  
Operator NASA
Mass at launch 365 kg
Dry Mass   kg
Dimension 1,52 dia - 2,51 long
Basic shape hexagonal cylinder

Mission details:

First U.S. Image of the Moon
Ranger 7 took this image, the first picture of the Moon by a U.S. spacecraft about 17 minutes before impacting the lunar surface. The large crater at center right is the 108 km diameter Alphonsus. Above it is Ptolemaeus and below it Arzachel. Mare Nubium is at center and left. The Ranger 7 impact site is off the frame, to the left of the upper left corner.

Credit: NASA/JPL

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