Pioneer 2


Spacecraft n°: 28

USA satellite n°: 22

Also called: Able 3 - 5th to the Moon

Launch data:

Designation  F00049 / 58F19
Launch date 08 Nov 1958 - 7:30:21 UT
Launch site CC, LC-17A
Launch vehicle Thor-DM18 Able-1 (#129/DM-1812-6)
Mission Lunar orbiter
Decay 08 Nov 1958

NASA photo of the Pioneer 2 probe

Failed lunar orbiter


Prime contractor  TRW
Operator  USAF, NASA
Mass at launch 39.5 kg
Dry Mass   kg
Configaration 2 glass fiber cones jointed at their base by a cylinder
Dimension 0,74 dia - 0,76 long
Equipment camera (oscillating mirror scanner), radiation counter, search coil magnetometer, microphone micrometeorite detector
Propulsion 8 vernier rockets (seperable), TX-8 (Falcon) orbit insertion motor


Scientific Instruments:

Mission details:

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