Mars 1M Nº 1 (Mars 1960A, Marsnik 1)


Spacecraft nº:

USSR spacecraft nº: 17

Launch data:

Designation  60F12
Launch date  10 Oct 1960 - 14:27:49 UT
Launch site B-LC1
Launch vehicle  Molniya 8K78 (n° LI-4M)
Satellite type Mars 1M n°1
Mission  Mars flyby
Decay  10 Oct 1960
Mars 1M

Launch FAILURE: at T+301 sec, the launcher went out of control and the destruct command was given at T+324.2 sec - the engine of Stage 3 cut off after 13.32 s of burning.

Spacecraft data:

Prime contractor  OKB-1
Mass at launch  640 kg (480 kg?)
Dry Mass  kg
Basic shape  
Solar array  
DC power  

Mission details:

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