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Name Launch
Launch rocket Weight
Galileo (USA) 18-Oct-89 Shuttle/IUS 2.715 kg Jupiter orbiter, atmosphere probe. First fly-by of an asteroid, 951 Gaspra Oct-91 and 243 Ida Aug-93. Orbiter 1.291 kg; entry probe 335 kg.
Clementine (USA) 25-Jan-94 Titan 2G 1.690 kg Mapped lunar surface. Malfuntion prevented planned fly-by of asteroid Geographos, impossible. The spacecraft remained in geocentric orbit.
NEAR (USA) 17-Feb-96 Delta II 1.125 kg Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous, placed in orbit around 433 Eros 14-Feb-00; first Eros orbit attempt failed Dec-99; asteroid Mathilde flyby Jun-97.
Deep Sace 1 24-Oct-98 Delta-7326 486 kg Deep Space 1 made a flyby of minor planet (9969) Braille at 04:46 UTC on Jul 29, 1999. Flyby distance was less than 25 km and possibly as little as 15 km.
Hayabusa (Japan) 09-May-03 M-V-5 530 kg Asteroid orbiter and sample return. Arrived at asteroid Itokawa Sep-05; fuel leak has put mission future in doubt. Planned sample return is Jun-10. Originally named MUSES-C.
Rosetta (ESA) 02-Mar-04 Ariane 5G+ 3000 kg The Rosetta comet probe, on its way to Churyumov-Gerasimenko, flew past asteroid (21) Lutetia at a distance of 3162 km, at 1545 UTC on Jul 10, 2010. Lutetia is the largest asteroid yet visited by a spacecraft, with a size of roughly 100 km.
Dawn (USA) 27-Sep-07 Delta II 1218 kg Asteroid orbiter. Scheduled arrival at Vesta is Aug-2011 and Ceres Feb-2015; to study protoplanets with goal of characterizing the conditions and processes of the early solar system.
Chang'e 2 (China PR) 01-Oct-10 CZ-3C 2300 kg Chang'e-2 probe left lunar orbit on Jun 9, 2011 on a trajectory to the Earth-Sun L2 point. Chang'e-2 space probe made a remarkable 3.2 km flyby of minor planet (4179) Toutatis on Dec 13, 2012 at 0830:09 UTC and returned images of the asteroid.
Hayabusa 2 (Japan) 03 Dec 2014 H-2A-202 590 kg HAYABUSA 2 is an asteroid sample return mission. Hayabusa 2 is heading for asteroid 1999 JU3, a carbon-rich world just 900 meters (about 3,000 feet) across with a tenuous gravity field 60,000 times weaker than Earth's
PROCYON (Japan) 03 Dec 2014 H-2A-202 65 kg May 2015: The Japanese PROCYON mission's plan to perform an Earth swingby followed by flyby of asteroid 2000 DP107 has been abandoned following malfunction of its ion engine.

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