Pilot 4


Spacecraft n: 20

USA satellite n: 16

Orig PL Name: Radiation Payload 1
Also called NOTS 4

Launch data:

Designation F00031 / 58F12
Launch date 25 Aug 1958
Launch site NOTS DZSB (In, F4D-1)
34N, 120W
Launch vehicle  Pilot (NOTS-EV-1) (#4)
Mission Technology
Earth orbit:
Perigee / Apogee 2250 / 2400 km
Inclination °
Period  min


Spacecraft data:

Prime contractor  NOTS
Operator  NOTS
Equipment IR scanner
Mass at launch  1,05 kg
Dry Mass  kg
Basic shape  Anullar body with small rocket motor in the center
Dimension  dia 20 cm
Solar array  
Stabilization  Spin stabilized
Propulsion None in orbit

Mission details:

Air-launch of satellite-carrying rocket which was 4,38m long. One of the two motors of the first stage exploded at 0,75 seconds after firing.

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