Hermes-A3B (XSSM-A-16)





Hermes-A3B rocket


Comparation Hermes-A1, A-3A and A-3B

Technical Data:

Cylindrical body with cylindro-conical warhead with sharp point and tapering down toward the base with four delta fins.

Lenght: 33.33 ft.
Dia: 47 in.
Span: 8.35 ft.
Weight, loaded with fuel and warhead: 11,849 lbs
Weight, empty, with warhead: 5,139 lbs
Range: 65 miles
Altitude: 23 miles
Velocity, max: Mach 3.13
Thrust: 22,600 lbs

Launch List:

Tot. Nr Type Nr Launch Vehicle Serial Nr Launch Date L. Time Launch Site Comment
8 1 Hermes-A3B (XSSM-A-16)#111/05/1954   WS, LC-33 Failue: Broke up at 192 sec.
9 2 Hermes-A3B (XSSM-A-16)#220/07/1954   WS, LC-33 Failure: Guidance failed at 165 sec.
10 3 Hermes-A3B (XSSM-A-16)#326/08/1954   WS, LC-33 Failure:Range safety destruct at 30 sec.
11 4 Hermes-A3B (XSSM-A-16)#421/09/1954   WS, LC-33 Failure:Broke up at 213 sec.
12 5 Hermes-A3B (XSSM-A-16)#519/10/1954   WS, LC-33  
13 6 Hermes-A3B (XSSM-A-16)#616/11/1954   WS, LC-33 Failure: Broke up at 204 sec.

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