Manned Flight nº: 202

Earth orbit Flight nº: 199

USA manned Flight nº: 118

7nd Shuttle docking with Mir

Launch, orbit & landing data:

Designation 24964 / 97055A
Launch date - time 26 Sep 1997 - 02:34:19 UT
Launch site KSC, LC39A
Launch vehicle  Space Shuttle
Orbiter Atlantis #20 (OV-104)
Primary payload Spacehab SH-09
Mass (kg) 
Flight Crew Wetherbee, Bloomfield, Titov,
Parazynski, Chrétien, Lawrence, Wolf
Docking date - time 27 Sept 1997 - 19:58 UT
Target spacecraft/port Mir/SO module
Earth orbit on :
   - Perigee / Apogee 354 x 381 km
   - Inclination 51.6°
   - Period 91.9 min
Undocking date - time 03 Oct 1997 - 17:28 UT
Landing date - time 06 Oct 1997 - 21:55:09 UT
Landing location KSC, Runway 15
Flight Duration (d:hr:min) 10d 19h 22m
Nbr orbits 169
Landing crew Wetherbee, Bloomfield, Titov,
Parazynski, Chrétien, Lawrence, Foale
 (crew STS-86 & STS-84)

Wolf landed with STS-89 on 31 Jan 1998 (2022 orbits)


Nr. Surname Given name Job Duration
1  Wetherbee  James Donald  CDR 10d 19h 22m 
2  Bloomfield  Michael John  PLT 10d 19h 22m 
3  Titov  Vladimir Georgiyevich  MSP 10d 19h 22m 
4  Parazynski  Scott Edward  MSP 10d 19h 22m 
5  Chrétien  Jean-Loup Jacques Marie  MSP 10d 19h 22m 
6  Lawrence  Wendy Barrien  MSP 10d 19h 22m 
7  Wolf  David Alexander  MSP 127d 20h 02m 


Launch from Cape Canaveral (KSC); landing on Cape Canaveral (KSC); payload Spacehab DM; 7th Shuttle-MIR-Mission; common flight of six days; several supplies and equipment were brought to MIR (e.g. a new main computer); EVA by Titov and Parazynski on 02.10.1997 (5h 01m),testing tools and technologies needed for the ISS and to recover Mir Environmental Effects Payload (MEEP), which were attached during Mission STS-76; Wolf replaced Foale as a member of the MIR resident crew; after separation the Shuttle-crew found two leaks in the module Spektr; mission extended one day, due of high winds over the KSC′s Shuttle Landing Facility.

Mission details:

Astrophilately covers:


Launch cancel Kennedy Space Center.


Docking cancel Korolev.


Landing cancel KSC.

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