Manned Flight n°: 214

Earth orbit Flight n°: 211

USA manned Flight n°: 127

Launch, orbit & landing data:

Designation 25996 / 99069A
Launch date - time 20 Dec 1999 - 00:50 UT
Launch site KSC, LC-39B
Launch vehicle  Shuttle
Orbiter Discovery F27
Primary payload 
Mass (kg) 
Flight Crew Brown, Kelly, Smith, Clervoy
Grunsfeld, Foale, Nicollier
Earth orbit on :
   - Perigee / Apogee 591 / 610 km
   - Inclination 28.45°
   - Period  min
Landing date - time 28 Dec 1999 - 00:01:34 UT
Landing location KSC, Runway 33
Flight Duration 7d 23h 11m
Nbr orbits 119


Nr. Surname Given name Job Duration
1  Brown  Curtis Lee, Jr.  CDR 7d 23h 11m 
2  Kelly  Scott Joseph  PLT 7d 23h 11m 
3  Smith  Steven Lee  MSP 7d 23h 11m 
4  Foale  Colin Michael  MSP 7d 23h 11m 
5  Grunsfeld  John Mace  MSP 7d 23h 11m 
6  Nicollier  Claude  MSP 7d 23h 11m 
7  Clervoy  Jean-François André  MSP 7d 23h 11m 


Launch from KSC; landing on KSC; third Hubble-Servicing-Mission; Hubble was captured successful; first EVA by Smith and Grunsfeld on 22.12.1999 (8h 15m) in which three Rate Sensor Units with each two gyroscopes were replaced, because four gyroscopes had failed; they also opened valves on the NICMOS to purge nitrogen coolant from that instrument and installed Voltage/Temperature Improvement Kits; second EVA by Foale and Nicollier on 23.12.1999 (8h 10m); they replaced the outmoded DF-224-Computer and installed a new and better computer (20 times faster) and replaces a 500-pound fine guidance sensor; third and final EVA by Smith and Grunsfeld on 24.12.1999 (8h 8m), replacing a failed S-band-transmitter and a Solid State Recorder; they also applied some new insulation on equipment bay doors to minimize degradation of the telescope's protective thermal coverings; after that, Hubble was deployed again.

Mission details:

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