Soyuz TM-6


Manned Flight nº.: 120

Earth orbit Flight nº: 117

USSR Flight nº: 66

Launch & orbit data:

Designation 19443 / 88075A
Launch date - time 29 Aug 1988 - 04:23:11 UT
Launch site Baikonur, LC1
Launch vehicle  Soyuz 11A511U2
OKB name - S/Nº Soyuz 7K-STM (11F732) s/nº 56.
Mass (kg) 7.070
Flight Crew (EP-3) Lyakhov, Vladimir (CDR)
Poliakov, Valeri (MR)
Mohmand, Abdul (CR)
Call Sign Proton
Earth orbit on :
   - Perigee / Apogee 195 x 228 km
   - Inclination 51.6°
   - Period 88.7 min

Docking & landing data:

Docking date - time 31 Aug 1988 - 05:40:44 UT
Target spacecraft/port Mir/aft Kvant
Undocking date - time 
Redocking date - time  UT
Target spacecraft/port Mir/fore
Undocking date - time 21 Dec 1988 - 02:32:54 UT
Deorbit burn date - time 
Landing date - time 21 Dec 1988 - 09:57:00 UT
Landing location 46°N, 69°E
Flight Duration (d:hr:min) 114.23 days
Nbr orbits 
Landing crew Titov V., Manarov M., Chrétien
 (crew TM-4 & TM-7)


Nr. Surname Given name Job Duration Orbits
1  Lyakhov  Vladimir Afanasiyevich  Commander 8d 20h 27m  141 
2  Polyakov  Valeri Vladimirovich  Doctor cosmonaut 240d 22h 36m  3812 
3  Mohmand  Abdul Ahad  Research cosm. - Afghanistan 8d 20h 27m  141 

Lyakhov and Mohmand landed with Soyuz TM-5 on 7 Sep 1988
Poliakov landed at 27.04.1989 with Soyuz TM-7

Backup Crew

Nr. Name Job
1  Berezovoi, Anatoli N.  Commander
2  Arzamazov, German S.  Flight engineer
2  Dauran, Ghulam M.  Research cosm.

Soyuz TM-6 Soyuz TM-6 - Polyakov and Mohmand move equipment around Mir. - Credit: RKK Energia.

Transported to the Mir orbital station a Soviet-Afghan crew comprising the cosmonauts V A Lyakhov, V V Polyakov and A A Momand (Afghanistan) to conduct joint research and experiments with the cosmonauts V G Titov and M K Manarov. Returned Manarov, Titov (Soyuz TM-4), Chretien (Soyuz TM-7) to Earth. Initial orbit 195 X 228 km at 51. 57 deg. Maneuvered to a 235 x 259 km orbit, then docked with Mir at 05:41 GMT on 31 August at its 339 x 366 km orbit. Moved from aft to forward port 8 Sept 88. Undocked 03:33 GMT 21 December 1989. Revised software installed as a result of TM-5 abort overloaded computer. Landing planned for 06:48 aborted. Backup program used. Orbital Module retained through retrofire. Recovered December 21, 1988 09:57 GMT. Landed 180 km SE Dzhezkazgan.


Launch from Baikonur; landing with Soyuz TM-5-spacecraft 180 km southeast of Dzheskasgan; docking on MIR-Quant-Soyuz TM-5; scientific work with the third resident crew; Polyakov stayed on board and became member of the third resident crew; landing at third attempt because of a computer error.

Astrophilately covers:

Soyuz TM-6

Launch and docking cancel Baikonur, signed by crew.

Soyuz TM-7

Cosmic Mail: Special French CNES cancel and Mir octagonal boardcancel 28.11.88 (docking Soyuz TM-7) signed by crew, Poliakov (TM-6) and TM-4 resident crew: Titov and Manarov.

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