Soyuz T-3


International Flight nº: 77

Earth orbit Flight nº: 74

USSR launch Flight nº: 46

Launch, orbit & landing data:

Designation 12077 / 80094A
Launch date - time 27 Nov 1980 - 14:18:28 UT
Launch site Baikonur, LC1
Launch vehicle  Soyuz 11A511U
OKB name - S/Nº Soyuz 7K-ST s/n 8L
Mass (kg) 6850
Flight Crew
 Kizim, Leonid (CDR)
Makarov, Oleg (FE)
Strekalov, Gennadi(CR)
Call Sign Mayak (Beacon )
Backup crew Lazarev, Ivanchenkov, Savinykh
Earth orbit on :
   - Perigee / Apogee 255 x 260 km
   - Inclination 51.62°
   - Period 89.7 min

Docking & landing data:

Docking date - time 28 Nov 1980 - 15:54 UT
Target spacecraft/port Salyut 6/fore
Undocking date - time 10 Dec 1980 - 06:10 UT
Landing date - time 10 Dec 1980 - 09:26:10 UT
Landing location 46°N, 69°E
Flight Duration (d:hr:min) 12d 19h 08m
Nbr orbits 204

1e three crew since juny 1971.

Flight Crew

Nr. Surname Given name Job Duration Orbits
1  Kizim  Leonid Denisovich  Commander 12d 19h 07m  204 
2  Makarov  Oleg Grigoriyevich  Flight engineer 12d 19h 07m  204 
3  Strekalov  Gennadi Mikhailovich  Flight engineer 12d 19h 07m  204 


Manned three crew. Docked with Salyut 6. Tested the improved transport ship of the "SOYUZ T" series; transported to the Salyut-6 orbital station a crew consisting of L D Kizim, O G Makarov and G M Strekalov to carry out repair and preventive work and scientific and technical investigation and experiments.


Launch from Baikonur; landing 130 km east of Dzheskasgan; docking on Salyut 6; overhauling and reactivating of the spacestation; then experiments for holografic record of photographies and experiments in a "greenhouse".

Astrophilately covers:

Soyuz T3

Launch cancel Baikonur, signed by the crew.

Soyuz T3

FDC with special cancel and stamp emission for flight.

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