Soyuz T-13


International Flight nº: 106

Earth orbit Flight nº: 103

USSR launch Flight nº: 59

Launch & orbit data:

Designation 15804 / 85043A
Launch date - time 06 Jun 1985 - 06:39:52 UT
Launch site Baikonur, LC1
Launch vehicle  Soyuz 11A511U2 (s/n 002)
OKB name - S/Nº Soyuz 7K-ST s/nº19L
Mass (kg) 6850
Flight Crew (EO-4) Dzhanibekov, Vladimir (CDR)
Savinykh, Viktor (FE)
Call Sign Pamir (Pamir mountains)
Backup crew Vasyutin, Grechko G.
Earth orbit on :
   - Perigee / Apogee 328 x 381 km
   - Inclination 51.6°
   - Period 88.7 min

Docking & landing data:

Docking date - time 08 Jun 1985 - 08:50 UT
Target spacecraft/port Salyut 7/fore
Undocking date - time 25 Sep 1985 - 03:58 UT
Deorbit burn date - time 
Landing date - time 26 Sep 1985 - 09:51:58 UT
Landing location 49°N, 70°E
Flight Duration (d:hr:min) 112d 03h 12m
Nbr orbits 1774
Landing crew Dzhanibekov, Grechko
 (crew T-13 & T-14)

Savinykh landed with Soyuz T-14 on 21 Nov 1985

Launch Crew

Nr. Surname Given name Job Duration Orbits
1  Dzhanibekov  Vladimir Aleksandrovich  Commander 112d 03h 12m  1774 
2  Savinykh  Viktor Petrovich  Flight engineer 168d 03h 51m  2661 


Launch from Baikonur; landing 220 km northeast of Dzheskasgan; docking on Salyut 7; fourth resident crew of the station; difficult repairing work on station, which had been vacant since eight month and without energy; difficult EVA from Dzhanibekov and Savinykh on 02.08.1985 (5h 00m); Dzhanibekov returned with Soyuz T-13-spacecraft (and cosmonaut Grechko), Savinykh continued work on the space station.
Soyuz Descent Module

Soyuz Descent Module.

Docked with Salyut 7. Delivered to the Salyut-7 orbital station a crew consisting of flight commander V A Dzhanibekov and flight engineer V P Savinykh to carry out emergency repairs to inert Salyut 7 station and to conduct scientific and technical research and experiments.

Astrophilately covers:

Soyuz T13

Launch cancel Baikonur, signed by crew.

Soyuz T13

Cosmic Mail: Cover on board of Salyut 7, with bleu five-side Salyut-7 boardcancel, signed by Savinykh.

Soyuz T13

Landing cancel Leninck, signed by crew.

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