Saturn-Apollo 1 (SA-1)


Launch data:

Launch date 27 Oct 1961 - 15:06:04 UTC
Launch site CC, LC-34
Launch vehicle  Saturn 1 (#SA-1)
Mission Rocket test
Sub-orbital flight:
nbsp;  - Altitude 136.2 km
nbsp;  - Distance 344 km downrange
Landing 27 Oct 1961 - 15:21:04 UTC
Duration 15 min 0 s

Initial Saturn-Apollo test, first launch Saturn 1 rocket with dummy upper stages.

Spacecraft data:

Prime contractor  
Customer NASA
Spacecraft mass at launch 52480 kg
Dry Mass  kg
Basic shape
Dimension (m)
DC power  


Mission details:

Largest known rocket launch to date, the Saturn I 1st stage booster, successful on first test flight from Atlantic Missile Range. With its eight clustered engines developing almost 1.3 million pounds of thrust at launch, the Saturn (SA-1) hurled waterfilled dummy upper stages to an altitude of 84.8 miles and 214.7 miles down range. In a postlaunch statement, Administrator Webb said: The flight today was a splendid demonstration of the strength of our national space program and an important milestone in the buildup of our national capacity to launch heavy payloads necessary to carry out the program projected by President Kennedy on May 25.

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