Skynet 4C

United Kingdom

Spacecraft nº:

UK satellite nº: 23

Launch data:

Designation 20776 / 90079A
Launch date 30 Aug 1990 - 22:46 UT
Launch site Ko, ELA-2
Launch vehicle  Ariane-44LP (V38)
MissionMilitary: Communications
Geostationary orbit:
Perigee / Apogee 35775 x 35797 km
Eccentricity 2.61E-04
Inclination 9.43 deg
Period 1436.07 min

Spacecraft data:

Prime contractor  Astrium
Operator Ministry of Defence
Mass at launch  1474 kg
Dry Mass 850 kg
Basic shape  
Dimension (m) 
Solar array  
DC power  1200 W
Design lifetime  7 yrs - still active


Begin End Position
L: 30 Aug 1990    
Feb 1995   1.1°W, inclined
2009 5.75°E

Spare: used primarily by UK's armed forces, government departments, agencies and other organizations that require secure communications.
Spare. In March 2010 it was announced that the satellite would supplement communications at Antarctica.

Ref: #7, #15, #226 - update: 16.10.12