Sirius FM5


Spacecraft nº:

US satellite nº:

Also called: RadioSat 5

Launch data:

Designation 35493 / 09034A
Launch date 30 Jun 2009 - 19:10 UT
Launch site B, LC-200/39
Launch vehicle  Proton-M / Briz-M
Mission Commercial: Communications
Geostationary orbit on Jul 08.70:
Perigee / Apogee 35744 x 35831 km
Eccentricity 2.85E-04
Inclination 0.09 deg
Period 1436.14 min

Spacecraft data:

Prime contractor  Space Systems/Loral
Platform  LS-1300
Operator Sirius Satellite Radio
Mass at launch  5976 kg
Dry Mass 2900 kg
Basic shape  box
Dimension (m) 
Solar array  two six-segment vanes of solar panels
each vane in the shape of a "t"
DC power  20000 W
Design lifetime  15 yrs


 Jul 2009  262-263° E 
 Oct 2009  96.00° W 


Mission details:

Satellite tracking:

Real time satellite tracking

Ref.: #7(JR613), #84a, #225(09.06), #226, #228 - update: 12.12.13