Spacecraft n:

US spacecraft n:

MUOS= Mobile User Objective System

Launch data:

Designation 38093 / 12009A
Launch date 24 Feb 2011 - 22:15 UT
Launch site CC, SLC-41
Launch vehicle  Atlas-V(551) (AV-030)
Mission Military: Communication
Geostationary orbit:
Perigee / Apogee 35800 x 35800 km
Eccentricity 0,00E+00
Inclination 0 deg
Period 1436.1 min

Credit: Lockheed Martin

Spacecraft data:

Prime manufacturer Lockheed Martin (Prime), Boeing, General Dynamics
Platform A2100M
Operator DoD/US Navy
Mass at launch  6740 kg (fully fuelled)
Dry Mass 3812 kg
Basic shape  Box + 2 panels + 2 dishes
Dimension (m) 6.70x3.66x1.83m
 dishes dia. 14.0m
Solar array 2 panels, span: 27.50m
Propulsion IHI BT-4
DC power  2 deployable solar arrays
Design lifetime  > million years

Orbital slots for MUOS satellites. Credit: Lockheed Martin

The U.S. Navy's first Mobile User Objective System satellite, dubbed MUOS 1, is encapsulated into the Swiss-made nose cone of the United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket at the Astrotech spacecraft preparation facility in Titusville.
The bullet-shaped shroud protects the satellite during ascent through Earth's atmosphere and then gets jettisoned from the rocket at T+plus 3 minutes and 22 seconds.
Photo credit: United Launch Alliance and Lockheed Martin


Mission details:

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