Hotbird 7A


Spacecraft n°:

EUTELSAT spacecraft n°: 30

Also called: Eurobird 9A

Launch data:

Designation 28946 / 06007B (28945/A?)
Launch date 11 Mar 2006 - 22:33 UT
Launch site Ko, ELA-3
Launch vehicle  Ariane-5ECA (V-170)
Mission Commercial: Communication (Direct Broadcasting)
Geostationary orbit:
Perigee / Apogee 35775 x 35799 km
Eccentricity 2,85E-04
Inclination 0.07°
Period 1436.1 min

Spacecraft data:

Prime contractor  Alcatel Alenia Space (formely Acatel Space)
Platform  Alcatel Spacebus-3000B3
Mass at launch  4100 kg
Dry Mass 1740 kg
Basic shape  
Dimension (m) 
Solar array  span of 36.9 m
Propulsion Astrium S400 apogee engine
DC power  10000 W
Equipment 38 Ku Band transponders
Design lifetime  15 yrs - still active


 ~16 Feb 2009 12 °E manoeuvred off-station, drifting to W
 July 2010  30.01° W 


Alcatel Space won in July 2003 a contract for the construction of the Hotbird 7A communications satellite. The order for this new satellite follows the loss of Hotbird 7 during launch in December 2002. In addition to the original specifications, Hotbird 7A′s mission has been expanded to provide additional back-up and replacement capacity at Eutelsat's key orbital slot, 13 degrees East. This expanded mission has led to the choice of a larger, more flexible satellite platform than for the original version.

Hotbird 7A will be based on Alcatel Space′s Spacebus-3000B3 platform. After launch, the new satellite will join Eutelsat's Hotbird family of satellites co-located at the 13 degree East slot and reaching 100 million houses, and currently broadcasting 676 video channels and 565 audio channels. Equipped with 38 Ku-band transponders of 33 MHz minimum each (end of life), Hotbird 7A will replace Hotbird 1. The other 20 transponders will be available for potential back-up and replacement capacity for the Hotbird 2, 3 and 4 satellites.

Mission details:

Astrophilately covers:


Launch cancel Kourou.


Headquarter cancel Paris.

Credit covers: J.VdDr.

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