Spacecraft nº:

Indian spacecraft nº: 67

Launch data:

Designation 38779 / 12051B
Launch date 28 Sept 2012 - 21:18 UT
Launch site Ko, ELA-3
Launch vehicle  Ariane-5ECA (#565 - VA209)
Mission Govern: Communication/Navig
Geostationary orbit:
Perigee / Apogee 35777 x 35795 km
Eccentricity 2,13E-04
Inclination 0.06 deg
Period 1436.07 min

Launched together with: Astra 2F

Spacecraft data:

Prime manufacturer ISRO
Platform I-3K (I-3000) Bus
Operator Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
Mass at launch  3435 kg
Dry Mass 1493 kg
Basic shape  
Dimension (m) 
Equipment 12 Normal C-band, 6 Extended C-band and 12 Ku-band transponders
 second GAGAN L-band navigation payload
Solar array 2 deployable solar arrays
Stabilization  3 axis body stabilized
DC power  
Design lifetime  15 yrs - still active

GSAT-10 undergoing prelaunch tests at Arianespace's Spaceport in French Guiana.


 May 2013  83° E 

GSAT-10 is located at 83ºE, along with INSAT-4A and GSAT-12.


Mission details:

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