Spacecraft nº:

US spacecraft nº:

Also called USA 046

Launch data:

Designation:20253 / 89077A
Launch date25 Sep 1989
Launch site CC, LC-36B
Launch vehicle  Atlas-G/Centaur-D (AC-68)
MissionMilitary: Communications
Geostationary orbit:
Perigee / Apogee 35745 x 35829 km
Eccentricity 9.96E-04
Inclination 8.97 deg
Period 1436.13 min

Spacecraft data:

Prime contractor  TRW, Defence and Space Systems Group
Operator US Navy
Mass at launch  2310 kg
Mass in orbit 1884 kg
Basic shape  Hexagonal
Dimension (m) dia: 2.43m, high: 1.27m
With a 4.88m diameter antenna
Solar array  13.2m
Stabilization  3-axis
DC power  BOL: 1500 W
Design lifetime  5 yrs - still active


  23°W, inclined 
 Jan 2010  14.74° W 

Mission details:

Fleetsatcom's UHF-band (244-263 MHz)

Each satellite has 23 communications channels, 10 of which are used by the Navy for communications between its land forces, ships, and aircraft. The Air Force uses 12 of the channels as part of its satellite communications system for command and control of nuclear forces. One channel is reserved for U.S. national command authorities.

Has an additional EHF payload
Old system replaced by UFO satellites; this satellite still operational as of 2009.

Ref: #7(JR26), #15, #226 - update: 28.03.10