DSP 3-4


Spacecraft n:

USA satellite n:

Also known as IMEWS-17 and USA 107 or DSP 17

Launch data:

Designation 23435 / 94084A
Launch date 22 Dec 1994 at 22:19 UT
Launch siteCC, LC-40
Launch vehicle Titan-4(02)A / IUS
Mission Military: early warning
Geostationary orbit on:
Perigee / Apogee  km
Inclination  deg
Period  min
Location 103°W (till Mar 1999 when the orbit was classified)


Prime contractor TRW
Mass at launch around 2200 kg
Mass in orbit  
Dimension 6.7 m dia x 10 m long (deployed)
Solar array  
Stabilization spin stabilized
DC power 1485 W
Design lifetime  

Probably downlinks in S- and X-band. Has a wide field infrared telescope to provide real-time warning of missile launches (6000 infrared detectors)

Ref: #14, #15, #78a - update: 15.01.05