Stellat 5 --> Atlantic Bird 3


Spacecraft n°:

Eutelsat spacecraft n°: 23

Also called: Stellat 5

Launch data:

Designation 27460 / 02035A
Launch date 05 Jul 2002 - 23:22 UT
Launch site Ko, ELA-3
Launch vehicle  Ariane-5G (V153)
Mission Commercial: Communications
Geostationary orbit:
Perigee / Apogee 35769 x 35805 km
Eccentricity 4.27E-04
Inclination 0.04 deg
Period 1436.08 min

Spacecraft data:

Prime contractor  Alcatel Space Industries (FR)
Platform  Spacebus-3000B3
Operator Stellat --> Eutelsat
Mass at launch  4050 kg
Dry Mass 1805 kg
Basic shape  
Dimension (m) 
Solar array  2 deployable solar arrays
Equipment 35 Ku-band transponders, 10 C-band transponders
DC power  11000 W
Design active lifetime  15 yrs


 Oct 2009  4.93° W 

The Stellat 5 satellite is shown with its cone-shape adapter, which will provide the installation interface with Ariane 5's Sylda 5F deployment dispenser. Stellat 5 was produced by Alcatel Space Industries, and will be used by a joint-venture company called Stellat, which brings together France Telecom with Europe*Star.
This image shows Stellat 5 mounted atop the Sylda 5F dispenser (in the background) as the Ariane 5's payload is moved into position to be lowered over the spacecraft. This action takes place inside the Ariane 5 final assembly building. The Sylda/Stellat/fairing combination will be hoisted into the building's upper level for installation atop the launcher.


Mission details:

Astrophilately covers:


Launch cancel Kourou


Headquarter cancel Paris

Credit covers: J.VdDr.

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