Amédée Denisse


Amedee Denisse

Amédée Denisse vers 1888.

Amedee Denisse rocket camera 1888

Amédée Denisse rocket camera 1888


  • Amédée Denisse was an illustrator, photographe, pyrotechnician and French inventor.
  • We owe the invention of Amédée Denisse "photopyrotechnic" to make aérienne photographs: a "photo-rocket" which reached the end of his climb, burning a wick that produces the shutter release at the same time that it determines the opening of a parachute which is used for the descent of the device. This ingenious arrangement would sunrise photographic plans with relatively simple equipment. He advocated for the taking aerial photographs of the Earth, but it is the German Alfred Maul who succeed in this first 1906.
  • Full practice Treaty fireworks is considered one of the main works of the nineteenth century on the pyrotechnie.
  • Amedee Denisse had a steam launch called the Bee carrying photographic laboratory on all navigable point near Paris (its attachment was 69 Quai de la Tournelle)

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