Soyuz TM-34


International Flight nº: 232

Eart orbit Flight nº: 229

Russian Flight nº: 94

17th manned flight to ISS. Flight: ISS-4S

Launch, orbit & landing data:

Designation 27416 / 02020A
Launch date - time 25 Apr 2002 - 06:26:35 UT
Launch site Baikonur, LC1/5
Launch vehicle  Soyuz-U (11A511U)
OKB name - S/Nº Soyuz TM s/nº 208
Mass (kg) 
Launch Crew Gidzenko Yu. (CDR)
Vittori R. (FE)
Shuttleworth M. (FP)
Call Sign 
Backup crew 

Docking date - time 27 Apr 2002 - 07:55:50 UT
Target station/port ISS/Zarya nadir port
Earth orbit on :
   - Perigee / Apogee 385 / 396 km
   - Inclination 51,64°
   - Period  min
Undocking date - time 9 Nov 2002 - 20:44:05 UT
Deorbit burn date - time 9 Nov 2002 - 23:09:49 UT
Landing date - time 10 Nov 2002 - 00:04:20 UT
Landing location 100 km NE of Arkalyk
(50°59′ N, 67°35′ E
Flight Duration (d:hr:min) 
Nbr orbits 
Landing crew (VC-4): Zalyotin S., De Winne F., Lonchakov Yu.
 (crew TMA-1)

Mission summary:
Maeco Polo mission
Taxi-Crew 3 to the ISS. Linking up to the ISS and replacing Soyuz TM-33 as the escape module for the International Space Station crew. Mark Shuttleworth from South Africa became the second space tourist; he was in better condition than Dennis Tito before and carried out a small research program (studying ocean life and biological experiments to combat AIDS and other diseases).

Visiting Crew VC-3:

Nr. Surname Given name Job Duration Orbits
1  Gidzenko  Yuri Pavlovich  Commander 9d 21h 25m  156 
2  Vittori  Roberto  Flight engineer 9d 21h 25m  156 
3  Shuttleworth  Mark Richard  Tourist 9d 21h 25m  156 

Roberto Vittori going up to the Soyuz capsule

Mission crew going up to the Soyuz capsule. Credit: ESA

Crew Soyuz TM-34 landed with Soyuz TM-33 on 5 May 2002
Landing 26 km southeast of Arkalyk / Kazakhstan

Mission report:

Astrophilately covers:

Launch cancel Baikonur, registered mail. 3 different cancels

Soyuz TM-34 cover

Docking cancel TM34 and undocking cancel TM33. With ISS board cancel, signed by the crew

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