Zond 2


Launch data:

Designation 00945 / 64078C
Launch date 30 Nov 1964 - 13:12 UT
Launch site B, LC1
Launch vehicle Molniya-M (8K78)
Satellite type3MV-4A (#2)
Mission Mars flyby
Heliocentric orbit (Solar orbit):
Perihelion x Aphelion  0.98 x 1.52 Au
Eccentricity 0.22
Inclination  6.40
Period (around tha Sun)  508 days

Mars probe intended to photograph Mars on a flyby trajectory. Zond 2 was launched from an earth parking orbit towards Mars to test space-borne systems and to carry out scientific investigations. Zond 2 carried six electric rocket engines of plasma type that served as actuators of the attitude control system. The communications system failed during April 1965. The spacecraft flew by Mars on August 6, 1965, at a distance of 1500 km. Returned no data (contact lost).


Prime contractor  
Mass at launch 1145 kg
Dry Mass  890 kg
Dimension  2.5 long? - 1 dia
Basic shape  
Solar array  
Design lifetime  Indefinite

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