Solar System


Titan (Saturn VI) is one of the largest worlds in the solar system. After the gas giants, Earth and the larger terrestrial planets have densities of 3 to 5 grams per cubic centimeter - the rocky worlds; these are distinguished from Ganymede, Titan, Callisto, Triton and the other outer solar system worlds, which have densities of 2 grams per cubic centimeter or less and areconsidered icy worlds.

Largest known worlds in the Solar System (radius > 750 km ):

           Eq. Radius

Gas giants:
  Jupiter  71492 km
  Saturn   60268 km
  Uranus   25559 km
  Neptune  24764 km

Rocky and Icy worlds:
  Earth     6378 km
  Venus     6052 km
  Mars      3397 km
  Ganymede  2634 km  (Jupiter III)
  Titan     2575 km  (Saturn VI)
  Mercury   2440 km
  Callisto  2403 km  (Jupiter IV)
  Io        1830 km  (Jupiter I)
  Luna      1738 km  (Earth I)
  Europa    1565 km  (Jupiter II)
  Triton    1353 km  (Neptune I)
  Pluto     1151 km  
  Titania    789 km  (Uranus III)
  Rhea       764 km  (Saturn V)
  Oberon     761 km  (Uranus IV)
  Sedna      750 km? (90377)

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