Tiros 10


Launch data:

Designation01430 / 65051A
Launch date02 Jul 1965 - 04:07 UT
Launch siteCC, LC17B
Launch vehicle Delta-C ( #415/D32)
Earth orbit:
Perigee/Apogee 721/807 km
Inclination 98.8°
Period 100.1 min

Test satellite for the Tiros Operational Satellite (TOS)


Prime contractor  
Mass at launch  
Dry mass 127 kg
Dimension was in the form of an 18-sided right prism, 107 cm across opposite corners and 56 cm high
Solar array  
Stabilization spin-stabilized (between 8 and 12 rpm)
DC power  
Design lifetime  

Can be heard at 136.235 MHz

The satellite was equipped with two identical wide-angle TV cameras with 1.27 cm vidicon for taking earth cloudcover pictures. The pictures could be transmitted directly to either of two ground receiving stations or stored in a tape recorder on board for subsequent playback if the spacecraft was beyond the communication range of the station.

End of life

Out of service 31 Jul 1966
Cause desactivated

Ref: #7, #15 - update: 20.10.18