Sputnik 4 - KS 1


Spacecraft nº: 68

USSR spacecraft nº: 14

KS = Korabl'-Sputnik 1

Launch data:

Designation00036 / 1960 Eps 3 / 60005A
Launch date15 May 1960 - 0:00:05 UT
Launch site B, LC1
Launch vehicle  Vostok 8K72 (#L1-11)
Satellite type Vostok-1KP (#1)
Mass (kg) 4540
Mission Piloted spaceship test
Earth orbit:
Perigee / Apogee 290 x 675 km
Inclination 65,02°
Period 92,25 min

1e test of the Vostok-cabine

MIK-2: preparation of Sputnik-4

During 1960 and 1961, in preparing for the manned phase of the Vostok program, the Soviet Union launched a series of satellites under the name "Korabl-Sputnik".
A 287t Vostok rocket orbited the Vostok prototype, which carried two solar panels mounted on a boom at front. The primary sensor for the 'Altitude Control System' used an infra-red scanner, which gave trouble, but controlers decided to rely on this anyway, rather than the back-up sun-sensor.
On 19 May, during orbit 64, the retro-rocket fired and the craft climbed up to a 190-428ml orbit because it was orientated wrongly. The cabin, which had no heat-shield, then separated; it fell back in Oct. 1965. The intention had been for it to burn up on re-entry. It was decided to fit primary solar and manual back-up orientation systems to the Mk.III manned version. Subsequent KS flights used the Mk.I; Mk.II was the Zenit spy-satellite.

End of life

Decay05 Sep 1962 (1960 Eps 1)
Decay cabine15 Oct 1965 (1960 Eps 3)
Lifetime cabine1979,53 days

Mission details:

Astrophilately covers:

Korabl 1

Launch cancel & special cancel Kiew.

Sputnik 4

Cancel Minsk, 1000 orbits.

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