Spaceway 2


Spacecraft n°:

USA satellite n°:

Launch data:

Designation 28903 / 05046B
Launch date 16 Nov 2005 - 23:46 UT
Launch site Ko, ELA-3
Launch vehicle  Ariane-5ECA
Mission Communication
Geostationary orbit on Dec 05 - 10:49 UT:
Perigee / Apogee 27824 x 43753 km
Inclination 0.25°
Period 1436.20 min

Spaceway 1

Spacecraft data:

Prime contractor  Boeing
Operator DirecTV
Platform  BSS-702
Mass at launch  6116 kg
Dry Mass 3940 kg
Basic shape  
Solar array  
Propulsion R-4D, 4x XIPS-25 Ion engines
Equipment 48 Ka-band transponders
Design lifetime  13 years


 Dec 2005  261°E

Mission details:

Spaceway 2 is a direct broadcast satellite, launched for DirecTV.
Note that the orbit shown above is not truly geosynchronous because the orbital data show an eccentric orbit, not a near-circular one. It is possible that this is due to an error in the measured orbital eccentricity, although the data would then have been consistently incorrect.

Astrophilately covers:


Launch cancel Kourou.


Headquarter cancel Paris.

Credit covers: J.VdDr.

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