Sputnik KS 4-1


Spacecraft n:

USSR spacecraft n: 20

KS = Korabl-Sputnik

Launch data:

DesignationF00138 / 60F19
Launch date22 Dec 1960 - 7:45:19 UT
Launch site B, LC1
Launch vehicle  Vostok 8K72K (#L1-13A)
Payload Vostok-1K (#4)
Mass (kg) 
Decay 22 Dec 1960

Unmanned Vostok test, carrying two dogs: Damka (Little Lady) and Krasavka (Pretty Girl).
This vehicle had a more powerful (5 1/2t instead of 5t) engine in its 3rd stage, but this failed just after ignition. The spacecraft separated and reached a height of 133 miles before coming down in deep snow near the Tunguska river 2170 miles away. Rescuers arrived on 24 Dec and found the dogs. They had survived the impact, but were found frozen after 2 days.
The destruct system had burned out when activated and the animal-container had not ejected from the cabin because the ejector had fired before the hatch opened. The cabin had also failed to separate from its equipment module until the heat of re-entry burned through the straps.

Ref: #4, #7, #102(SL28) - update: 16.11.04