Sputnik KS 2-1


Spacecraft n:

USSR spacecraft n: 15

KS = Korabl-Sputnik

Launch data:

DesignationF00105 / 60F09
Launch date28 July 1960 - 9:31 UT
Launch site B, LC1
Launch vehicle  Vostok 8K72 (#L1-10)
Payload Vostok-1K (#1)
Mass (kg) 
Decay 28 July 1960

Flight test of un-manned capsule with two dogs: Chaika and Lisichka (Little Fox), which were killed.
(or Bars (Snow Leopard) and Lisichka??)
Just 18 seconds after lift-off one of the engines in a strap-on booster burned through and the drop in thrust broke the attachment straps and the booster fell away to explode on the ground. The rest of the assembly veered over, broke up and impacted in parts, each of which produced large explosions.

Ref: #4, #7, #102(SL13-SL28) - update: 16.11.04