Skynet 4F

United Kingdom

Spacecraft nº:

UK spacecraft nº: 33

Launch data:

Designation 26695 / 01005B
Launch date07 Feb 2001 - 23:05:10 UT
Launch site Ko, ELA-2
Launch vehicle: Ariane-44L (V139)
MissionMilitary: Communications
Geostationary orbit:
Location 1°W


Begin End Position
L: 7 Feb 2001   5°E

Would have 2 S-band transponders which is new for Skynet satellites.

Skynet 4F is the last of the venerable ECS (European Communications Satellite) class of satellites and was built by Astrium/Stevenage. It carries a Thiokol Star 30 apogee motor and its mass is 1489 kg full, 830 kg dry - a dry mass more than twice the first OTS.

Ref: #7(SR446), 15 - update: 25.01.02