SAMOS = Satellite and Missile Observation System
Orig PL Name: SAMOS-E1 n1

Launch data:

Designation 60F13
Launch date 11 Oct 1960 - 20:33 UT
Launch site Point Arguello, LC1-1
Launch vehicle  Atlas-LV3 Agena-A (#57D)
Decay11 Oct 1960

Launch failure

SAMOS 1 was launched on 1960 Oct 11 but an Agena failure meant it did not reach orbit. The Atlas guidance system failed but the Atlas flew successfully. However, at launch an Agena umbilical failed to separate cleanly and the nitrogen attitude control gas leaked out, so that Agena could not be stabilized after separation and fired in the wrong direction.

The payload had a mass of 1860 kg including the Agena. It was probably a Program 101 flight and carried the E-1 camera Component Test Payload and F-1 ferret research and development test payload.


1960 Oct 11   2033   Launch by Atlas Agena A   Point Arguello  
  2035   BECO (T+2:30) 
  2036   SECO (T+3:48) 
  2037   VECO (T+4:08) 
  2037   Atlas sep (T+4:09) 
  2041   Agena burn (T+8:26) 
  2043   Agena MECO (T+10:29) 
   Agena impact Pacific 


Ref: #7