MEASat 2


International Sat. n:

Malaysia satellite n 2:

Malaysia East Asia Sat 2 - Renamed Africasat 2 on 07 Feb 2010

Launch data:

Designation24653 / 96063B
Launch date13 Nov 1996 - 22:40 UT
Launch siteKo, ELA2
Launch vehicleAriane-44L (V92)
MissionCommercial: Communications
Geostationary orbit:
Perigee / Apogee 35782 x 35791 km
Eccentricity 1,07E-04
Inclination 1.09 deg
Period 1436.12 min


Prime contractorHughes (Boeing Satellite Systems?)
OperatorMEASAT Satellite Systems
Mass at launch1520 (1450?) kg
Mass in orbit650 kg
Diameter 2.16 m
Height 3.3 m (7.82 m deployed)
Solar array gallium arsenide
Stabilization spin stabilized
DC power1200W (BOL)
Design lifetime11 years - Still active


 Sept 2011  148°E 

The satellite uses gallium arsenide solar cells instead of silicon. It also features a specially contoured surface that eliminates the need for multiple feed horns. Also its has bipropellant propulsion system for stationkeeping and attitude control.


Main transponders
Backup transponders  
Power 12 W
Bandwidth 72 MHz
Coverage South-East Asia, East Australia and Hawaii
EIRP max 39 dBW
Polarization linear
Frequencies Uplink: 5.925-6.425 GHz
Downlink: 3.700-4200 GHz


Main transponders 11
Backup transponders  
Power 8 x 95 W
3 x 62 W
Bandwidth 48 MHz
Coverage switchable (by transponder) to: Malaysia, Queensland/Australia, Philippines, India or Vietnam +Taiwan spot
EIRP max 57 dBW
Polarization linear
Frequencies Uplink: 14.000-14.250 GHz
Downlink: 10.950-11.200 GHz, switchable to 11.45-11.7 or 12.2-12.75 GHz

Ku-band transponder frequency chart (GHz)

Transponder Vertical
10.982 14.032  
11.044 14.094  
11.106 14.156  
11.168 14.218  
  further specs. lacking    

Mission details:

Ref: #3(SD447), #7, #226 - update: 10.02.12