Program: IRS


Indian Remote Sensing

Indian program to develop an indigenous capability to image Earth, particulary India. Mission: ground water exploration, land use, forest and flood mapping, inventory of surface water.

"Antrix" markets the images

The IRS series of satellites included the original IRS-1 series
launched mostly on Russian rockets, and the IRS-P series launched
on Indian rockets.

  Satellite               Launch vehicle    Date
  IRS-1A                  Vostok 8A92M      1988 Mar 17  
  IRS-1B                  Vostok 8A92M      1991 Aug 29
  IRS-1C                  Molniya-M         1995 Dec 28
  IRS-1D                  PSLV-C1           1997 Sep 29

  IRS-P1 (IRS-1E)         PSLV-D1           1993 Sep 20 (failed)
  IRS-P2                  PSLV-D2           1994 Oct 15
  IRS-P3                  PSLV-D3           1996 Mar 21
  IRS-P4 Oceansat         PSLV-C2           1999 May 26
  IRS-P5 Cartosat	  PSLV		    2005 May 05
  IRS-P6 Resourcesat      PSLV-C5           2003 Oct 17

Ref: #7(JSR512), #15 - update: 7.10.05