Discoverer 12


Orig.PL Name: CORONA R&D

Launch data:

DesignationF00101 / 60F08
Launch date29 Jun 1960 - 22:00:44 UT
Launch siteVa, LC75-3 pad 4
Launch vehicle Thor-DM18 Agena-A (#160)
Mission Technology
Decay29 Jun 1960

Launch Failure

Spacecraft data:

Prime contractor  
Operator ARPA
Mass at launch   kg
Dry Mass  kg
Basic shape  
Propulsion Bell 8048

The first stage performed well, but the Agena second stage tumbled after the horizon reference scanner failed. Fell in the Pacific Ocean.

Ref.: #7, #14, #102(SL13), #120 - update: 14.03.04