Astra 2D


International Sat. n°:

Luxembourg spacecraft n°: 11

Launch data:

Designation 26638 / 00081A
Launch date20 Dec 2000 - 00:26 UT
Launch siteKo, ELA-3
Launch vehicleAriane-5G (V138 / 508)
MissionCommercial: Direct TV
Geostationary orbit on:
Perigee / Apogee 35770 x 35802 km
Eccentricity 3.80E-04
Inclination 0.07 deg
Period 1436.1 min


Prime contractorHughes (USA)
Platform HS-376HP
OperatorSES Astra
Mass at launch1420 kg
Mass in orbit824 kg
Dry Mass700 kg
Dimension 2.16 m diameter x 8 m high deployed
Solar array  
Stabilization spin stabilized
DC power BOL: 1600 W
EOL: 1400 W
Design lifetime 15 years


  28.2° E 
 Oct 2009  28.14° E 

Astra 2D was manoeuvred off-station over 24°E approximately January 13 and was relocated over 28.2°E approximately January 25, 2001.
Started service on 1st Feb 2001.

Ku-band (10.7-10.95 GHz)

Main transponders 16 (EOL: 15)
Backup transponders  
Power 39 W TWTA
Bandwidth 26 MHz
Coverage UK and Eire
EIRP max 53 dBW
Polarization linear H/V

The coverage of this satellite is much smaller that the other Astra satellites, really.
Direct-to-home; broadcasting, multimedia; 16 Ku-band; UK and Ireland.

Astrophilately covers:


Launch cancel Kourou


Headquarter cancel Paris

Credit covers: J.VdDr.

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