Jeffrey Nels


International order nº: 396

US astr. nº: 248

Personal data:

Birthdate:  18 Jan 1958
Birthplace:  Superior / Wisconsin
Marital status:  married
Children:  two
Selection date:  01 May 1996
Selection group: NASA-16
Job:  MSP
Status:  active


Date and time
launch (UT)
Date and time
landing (UT)
1 STS-101
19 May 2000
10h:11:10 UL
29 May 2000
06:21:19 UL
9d 20h 10m 09s
2 Soyuz TMA-8 30 Mar 2006
02:30:20 UT
FE ISS - Exp.13 Soyuz TMA-8 29 Sep 2006
01:13:37 UT
182d 22h 43m 17s
3 Soyuz TMA-16 30 Sep 2009
07:14 UT
FE / ISS-CDR Exp. 21/22 Soyuz TMA-16 18 Mar 2010
11:24 UT
169d 04h 10m
4 Soyuz TMA-20M 18 March 2016
21:26:38 UTC
FE ISS Exp.47/48 Soyuz TMA-20M 07 Sep 2016
01:13:35 UT
172d 03h 46m 57s
Total duration: 534d 2h 50m 23s


Date of
Time (UT)of
Duration Explanation
22 May 2000 01:48 UT 6h 44m Williams and J.Voss; mission "STS-101"
Finishing crane mounting, repairing works
01 Jun 2006 22:48 6h 31m Williams and P. Vinogradov; expedition ISS-13. The 18th EVA from airlock Pirs.
Installing a new hydrogen vent valve on the hull of the Zvezda Service Module to bypass a similar valve that is clogged; recovering a thruster residue collection device from Zvezda, retrieving a contamination monitoring device and a package of biology experiments and reposition a cable for a navigation antenna on the aft end of Zvezda; replacing a camera on the station′s Mobile Base System
03 Aug 2006 14:04 5h 54m Williams and T.Reiter; expedition ISS-13. The 22nd EVA from airlock Quest.
Installing items of hardware in preparation for future ISS assembly work and set up for deployment a number of instruments and experiments mounted on the outside of the station
Total: 19h 09m EVAs: 3

Backup assignments

No. Mission Job Date
1  Soyuz TMA-7  FE  Oct 2005
2  Soyuz TMA-14  FE  Mar 2009
3  Soyuz TMA-16M  Flight Engineer  27 Mar 2015

Personal patch:

Personal patch Williams

ISS - 13 patch

Additional information

Ref: #16, #21 - update: 24.02.17