Maksim Viktorovich


International order nº: 506

Russian cosm. nº: 102

Personal data:

Birthdate:  24 May 1972
Birthplace:  Chelyabinsk / Chelyabinsk Oblast / Russian SFSR
Marital status:  married
Children:  two
Selection date:  28 July 1997
Selection group:  TsPK-12
Job:  Test Cosmonaut (TC)
Status:  active
Surayev Maksim


No Launch Spacecraft Date and time
of launch (UT)
Status while
of landing
Date and time
of landing (UT)
1 Soyuz TMA-16 30 Sep 2009
07h 14m
Cdr ISS-Exp. 21/22 Soyuz TMA-16 18 Mar 2010
11h 24m
169d 04h 10m
2 Soyuz TMA-13M 28 May 2014
19h 57m
Cdr ISS-Exp. 40/41 Soyuz TMA-13M 10 Nov 2014
03h 58m
165d 08h 01m
Total duration: 334d 12h 11m


Date of
Time of
Duration Crew & Remarks
14 jan 2010 - 5h 44m Surayev and O.Kotov; mission Soyuz TMA-16
Preparing the Mini-Research Module 2, known as Poisk, for future Russian vehicle dockings.
22 Oct 2014 - 3h 38m Surayev and A.Samokutyayev; mission Soyuz TMA-13M
The cosmonauts removed and jettisoned several pieces of hardware no longer needed on the Russian segment of the station and conducted a detailed photographic survey of the exterior surface of the Russian modules.
Total: 9h 22m EVAs: 2

Backup assignments

No. Mission Job Date
1  Soyuz TMA-12  Commander  Apr 2008
2  Soyuz TMA-14  Commander  Mar 2009
3  Soyuz TMA-11M  Commander  07 Nov 2013

Additional information

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